The Armadillo Club
We Remember
As the new year approached, I tried to brush aside the thought that I
hoped we could make it through the holidays without losing one of our
dear Armadillos.  But this morning, that hope ended with the devastating
news that our beloved friend, Ted Sullivan, Partner at Lind Jensen &
Sullivan in Minneapolis, unexpectedly died of a massive heart attack last
night (Tuesday, December 15) on the way to the gym to work out.

Last year, it was Jerry Duchowicz. News came that he passed away
suddenly, at home, Jan. 3, 2009 after a courageous battle with bile duct
cancer.  A passionate attorney, loving husband, world traveler who
embraced outdoor adventure, avid golfer and voracious reader, he had
enjoyed lively conversations with family and friends who later mourned
his passing.  

January 1, 2008, we lost our dear friend Audrey Hanrahan, who died
tragically when she fell off a golf cart and hit her head. She worked at
CNA, Zurich and Hartford over her career.  This beautiful memorial site
is enough to break your heart, but it clearly shows how loved she was:

Moreover, while I only announce the passing of our members, this year
has been extremely difficult for many of our members, especially here at
CNA,  who have lost spouses, siblings, children and parents.  I don't
usually announce this at the request of the families.  They are struggling
with the losses and prefer privacy for the most part.
Our hearts go out to them.

I've known Ted for many years - maybe 15.  He's always been the same.
The picture of civility and graciousness with a touch of mischief and
abundant love and good will.  
His firm bio gives his stats:
but this is one man who was much more than is reflected on paper.  
He was,
inter alia, a great attorney, father, person and friend.

I think Lisa Pach, who was also stunned this morning (along with Vicky
Russell, Stacy Broman, Amy Paulus and Mary Stafford), summed it up
best.   She said,

"He touched a lot of people.
I suppose, in the end, that is all you can hope for.  
He lived a very good life."

In memory of Ted, Jerry, Audrey and
all those we have loved and  lost this year,
here is a little piece I like that reflects Lisa's thought.
Click on the pages to advance the powerpoint and have the volume up.

Life on a Train

Life is like riding a train.
I'm thankful you have all chosen to ride along with me.
May God bless you in the new year
and always comfort you in times of sadness.

Me, Ted & Lisa Pach a few years ago at Christmas
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