Armadillo Club Blog....
Sept. 17, 2017
I'm adding this page so I can share just about any foolish thought that comes into my head with
you.... Oh wait. I didn't say that did I???  Really, I come across so many interesting things that I
want to share with you, that it ends up delaying the newsletter because I just don't have time to
write about everything at once...   
The April 5 Ambush!
Hurricane Irma may have made it to Atlanta and cut off the power,
but it didn't dim the sparkle in these little guys' eyes!
Zachary, Andrew & Joshua
Just in case you were wondering,
below is a chart of the day of the week on which
January 1st falls for the next 20+ years.
It's always good to plan ahead...  
Keep in mind that Christmas the week before
will fall on the same day.