On August 1, 2009 Marty Jordan, 44, beloved younger brother of our Dan Jordan,
lost his life when he drowned, as Marty and Dan's 16 year old daughter rescued four young family members
(including Dan's daughter Cami and his son, Jack), from a rip current caused by high waves along the pier in
South Haven, Michigan.  After making sure all of the children were safe, Marty lost his battle with the
crushing waves and merciless undertow, exhausted from the effort.  
But for Marty's selfless resolve and determination, six would have perished.   
Many hearts were broken that day.

HERE for  the Daily Herald's account of the tragic event.      

Marty was a wonderful and loving father and husband. He left behind his wife Maureen, and his children:
Jack, Liam and Caroline. Maureen was about 1 month pregnant when Marty died.On St. Patrick's Day,
March 17, 2010, Marty's newborn son, Martin Paul Jordan, entered the world.
Martin Jordan
Marty Jordan dedicated his life to helping others.  Marty  
became the first recipient of the Angelus Award trophy for
someone who exemplified "gospel values and Christian
principles" in the St. Angela (his parish) tradition. Ever
since he graduated from college 25 years ago, Marty
helped abused and troubled youth from the Chicago area.
He was a children’s social worker married to a hospice
social worker, and he was determined to make a

He was accustomed to saving kids from untenable
situations and never tired of the effort. He was revered by
co-workers for giving his all every day.  Over the years, he
organized many fund-raisers to help those in need.  Now
his friends have come together to raise money for Marty's
beautiful family.
"A hero can be a person who commits an act of selfless bravery. A hero can be
someone who dedicates his career to helping abused and neglected children. A
hero can be a great dad and loving husband. Marty Jordan was all of those at the
same time....

"Part of me these last few days wanted to just stand here today and say, 'Marty
Jordan died a hero,' and go back and sit," said Monsignor Kenneth Velo, who
delivered the homily. "In a sense, that would be enough. He understood what this
life was about. Those who lay down their lives for others are those who are most
happy. Marty was a hero for life."

Indeed, the funeral was filled with memories of Jordan's feats as a social worker,
volunteer youth coach and charitable fundraiser. All those efforts came not because
it was his job or responsibility, but simply because Marty Jordan loved to do them."
-------- The Daily Herald, 8/7/2009
When this tragedy first struck, many of you asked how you
could help or what you could do.   I had no answers then.  
I didn't even want to talk to Dan about it, because I knew
the pain was crushing.  Now, for those of you who asked,
we know what we can do.  Thanks for asking and caring.

Dan's Eulogy for his brother.

A voice from the fourteenth century, St. Teresa of Avila,
reminds us that WE are God's hands.

God has no hands but our hands to do his work today;
God has no feet but our feet to lead others in his way;
God has no voice but our voice to tell others how he died;
and, God has no help but our help to lead them to his

It sounds like Marty understood this very well.
1)  A benefit will be held on Saturday night, May 15, 2010, at St.
Patrick High School.
The Committee invites you to join them
for a casual night out with friends and
family to honor Marty.  
For more info about the benefit, please click

Tickets are only $50 and includes food, drink and entertainment--
and dancing.
Directions to St. Patrick High School.

2)  If you cannot attend, but would like to help,
you can
donate online at the
Marty Jordan Family Benefit web site.

3)  You can also purchase raffle tickets: $100 each with a top
prize of $20,000 or you can buy 1 ticket for $5/5 for $20 with a top
prize of $5000.

4)  You could buy live or silent auction items.
HERE for the list.

5)  Pray for the family.

There is more info on the Benefit
web site on how to purchase
raffle tickets.  I already have mine and I plan to be there on
May 15 along with many other CNA Armadillos!
"HEY Linda!,"  you say.  "How can I help????"

Shhhhhhhh.... Little Marty is thinking...

Oh wait.  He has a few ideas!

I found a folder of my old Armadillo newsletters from the 1990's this week.  
Dan Jordan was our very first (brave) male member.  I will be doing a piece on
the history of the Armadillo Club in the next couple of weeks and posting
those early letters.  About 15 years ago, I was fondly referring to him as "our
first infidel...."  He fondly referred to us as the "porcupines."  I think that
stopped when I finally gave men full membership rights and benefits.

In the beginning, we only invited the men we really, really liked to join us for
our annual dinner -  we really, really liked Dan - and still do.  

For the last 15 years, Dan has stood with us, fed us info about jobs at CNA,
attended our events and been our good friend. I'll be pleased to dance in
honor of the memory of Dan's brother on May 15!
If you are around, why not join us?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at Irishnet @aol.com.
Please feel free to share this web page with anyone you think might
be interested in helping the family.

Thanks to Dan's brother, Pat Jordan, for some of the info here.  
He built a website in memory of their brother.
Dan Jordan
Click  HERE for a heart-rending
story about the wonderful friends
who came together to make it
happen  and to hear the sad details
of the final moment between Marty
and Maureen.

Donations are still coming in! Thanks so much!