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The Armadillo Club is comprised of over 250 woman and men attorneys employed in the field of insurance coverage. Our members include attorneys who work in law firms, in-house at insurance companies as legal counsel or in a claims handling or supervisory capacity, and attorneys who are risk managers for major corporations.

The purpose of the club is primarily social and networking, although we have been known to do good things  from time to time. It provides a vehicle for women and men to network and share experiences common to those of us who work in this area of the law (although we rarely talk shop when we get together!!!) There are no dues, no rules, and no officers. We get together for lunch or happy hour on a periodic basis (whenever we feel like it) and when someone needs something (like a job for instance) we get busy and fire up the machine. We also help support each other causes and charities when we can.

We started out as a three friends who got together for lunch (Karen Golden, former Risk Manager of Pepsi Cola General Bottlers, Ellyn Dorf Hoffman, former partner at Querry & Harrow and me.) Then we invited a few others to join us (specifically Mary Sliwinski formerly a partner at Montgomery Williams & John, was the 4th official member with Susan Luther, formerly a partner at Tressler, coming in shortly thereafter- they are both with me now at Cortner McNaboe) and they invited a few others to join us too. We now have over 250 attorneys on our service lists and more that actually view this website. Most are in Chicago, but also in New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, San Diego, Seattle, Indianapolis,  and Tulsa.  We also now cover most of California and have a West Coast Branch. 

Most of our members concentrate (or in the past concentrated) on litigating insurance coverage under third-party liability policies. Again, most members deal with commercial general liability policies and several have come through the ranks litigating the mass environmental insurance coverage cases. We also, however, have some members who analyze, interpret and litigate coverage under homeowners, auto, first party property, D&O, E&O, health and other types of insurance policies.

While the majority of our members are defense oriented (i.e. we represent the insurance companies) we do have members who also represent policyholders.

Although the club was originally comprised of women, we have evolved and now have almost as many male insurance coverage attorneys on our service list and who participate in our events.  Now, the club is open to all insurance coverage attorneys.  The Armadillos have many friends and allies in the insurance industry and we know that many non-attorneys, and defense attorneys read this page too. If any of you have notices you would like posted, please feel free to send me an e-mail.

If you are interested in being a member there are just a few pre-requisites:

1) you must be an attorney who is involved with insurance coverage in some capacity.

2) Both men and women are welcome to join.  I just keep separate service lists so that if I have a topic that I don't think will interest the men, I don't bother them with it...

3) You have to be fun, not worry about things that don't matter and not take yourself too seriously (or at least be working toward those goals),

4) We don't engage in harmful or destructive gossip. It is a group that promotes camaraderie and friendship. If you have tendencies to be that way, don't apply;

5) You should want to be involved in some way at least occasionally if and when we have luncheons or other activities. In other words, I don't just want to add names to the service list and never know who you are. If that is all you want, just feel free to continue viewing the website and take advantage of any useful information on it.

How to apply: Just send me an e-mail with your name, firm address, phone, fax, e-mail, and a sentence or two about the type of coverage with which you are involved.  Just tell me you meet all of the above requirements and you may consider your application approved.  I am glad to post whatever is appropriate that you would like me to post on these pages, but like all good attorneys, I reserve the right to be the sole and final arbiter of what is appropriate....  Hey, you're not paying anything for this, so don't complain.  : )

The point is: sometimes we all need a little help from our friends.  We may be one of the only legal groups in the country whose members considers themselves to be more than just peers or colleagues. We see ourselves as a community, even a family.  Even if we never need help, its great to have good friends!

Thanks for reading. Hope you find something useful, enlightening or entertaining here. Have a blessed day.

Faithfully yours,

Linda A. Weaver
cell phone: (312) 320-9916
office:  (312) 822-6349

fax: (312) 817-2486

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Professional Disclaimer:  From time to time, I may post articles, court rulings, or conference information on this website.  I love writing disclaimers (personally, that is) so here goes: The fact that I post any particular document, notice or piece of information on this site, does not mean that I endorse such or have even read it (although I probably have.) Neither does it mean that I agree (or disagree) with the contents (although to be sure I probably do one or the other, unless, of course, 1) I choose to be wishy-washy, ambiguous or mysterious about my feelings on the topic and don't take a stand, or 2) I am just incapable of analyzing the issue properly and am too chicken to take a position one way or the other,  or 3) unless no one has paid me enough to argue one way or the other.)  Neither is the posting of any particular person's decision or article or notice an indication that I believe he or she actually knows what he or she is talking about (although whether they do will probably become evident if you are a true coverage attorney. If you are not then this is a warning that you should not even be attempting to understand what is written herein. Coverage is NOT for dabblers. You will get burned badly if you attempt to engage most, if not all, of the coverage attorneys in this club on their turf (although as with everything in life, there are exceptions....). You will be much wiser to hire one of them (not the exceptions) rather than do it yourself. Trust me on this.  So use any of this stuff at your own risk and for your own enjoyment. If you are a civilian, go read the Dancing page...

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